What is your favourite book?

As World Book Day 2018 approaches, I have been searching through the recesses of my memory to think about the books which have had the most impact on me throughout my childhood.

I can remember the very first book I was given by my parents when I was about 5 or 6 years old, ‘Teeny Weeny and Friends’. I still have the book today albeit, the book cover is battered and torn. I became an avid reader and loved to disappear into the fantasy of some of the stories. My teenage years brought me to ‘The Three Musketeers’, one of my all time favourite books. I recently read the e-book version to a sick friend who was recovering in hospital. I really enjoyed it and was compelled to finish the book after leaving the hospital.

My teaching years introduced me to a wide range of books for children, many of which I read to the many children I taught over a 26 year period of my teaching career.  My love of reading helped me develop my art of story telling, a skill I loved to use in the classroom and encouraged the children to tell their own stories. I firmly believed that everyone had the ability to tell a story. 

As World Book Day approaches I look forward to seeing some of the characters that children will be dressed as to go to school.

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