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“Coding can be fun and help pupils engage in problem solving and critical thinking”. 

Introduction to Robotics

Coding is now a major part of the Computing Curriculum. This fun and exciting workshop is ideal for beginners. It introduces pupils to the ‘science’ behind the technology.

We offer a 1 hour lesson for pupils in Key Stage 1 and 2 and demonstrations for EYFS. Each lesson is a practical introduction to robotics and an opportunity to have hands-on experience of the NAO humanoid robot. Program our Nao robot to walk, talk, dance and more!

The lesson consists of an introduction to robotics that explores a range of STEM skills

  • What is a robot?
  • What can robots do for us?
  • We give the children an insight to what robots can do and an introduction and performance of our NAO Robots, without any programming.
  • Pupils work as a team to explore and try out the Choregraphe software, used to programme Nao robot to carry out a sequence of actions (e.g. walk, talk, dance and more), bringing it to life.
  • We set challenges for pupils to develop their problem solving and team working skills. Before the end of the session, each group will showcase their sequence on our robot or through the ‘virtual robot’.

A 1 hour session can have a maximum of 33 pupils, however, can be tailored for a smaller group of 15 or 6 if you want to focus on Gifted and Talented or SEN pupils or Girls into Computer Science.

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