BETT 2019

BETT 2019 is here! As usual the excitement to visiting the show was building.

What new tech were we going to see? If nothing else it would be good to see some of the suppliers, like 2Simple and Data Harvest with whom we have dealt with for a number of years  through the schools we have worked with.

It is fair to say that this year was the year of robots lots of new ones everywhere. We were in our element as we are always looking for new robots to recommend to our schools. Many of the robots seen this year has Microbit, Arduino whilst others were more sophisticated. Many use the old favourite, Scratch adapted to suit, however, a familiar coding platform which made it easy for schools to choose one or other without having to learn a new platform. 

It was great to see an old school favourite, Flowol 4 by Robot Mesh. Flowol 2 having been replaced by Flowol 4. The most amazing part of this year’s show was seeing the DeLorean ‘Back to the Future’ car. It was definitely something worth seeing. It was also great to attend some of the demonstrations to applications such as Edmodo.

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