Ophelia Vanderpuye Limited (OVLTD) was founded in December 2015, by award winning Ophelia Vanderpuye (Director), with the primary aim of providing excellent computing curriculum support for primary schools in the London area and beyond.

We provide in-class computing support for primary schools working directly with the Computing/ICT subject leaders, network managers class teachers and pupils. We support seasoned subject leaders looking for innovative ideas to inject into all areas of the curriculum and one to one support for newly appointed computing subject leaders. We provide schools with telephone advice, in-class support, CPD and workshops, each tailored to suit the needs of the school. Click here to download our booking for or use the ‘Contact Us’ form.

We run robotics workshops focusing directly on STEM skills for primary aged children. We tailor our sessions to suit the needs of each school, which can range from activities for EYFS, KS1, KS2, Year 7, Special Needs or a direct focus on ‘Girls into Computing’ These sessions can be run as whole class, small groups or as a ‘club’, whichever format suits your school best.

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Meet Ophelia

I am an ex Assistant Headteacher and ICT/Computing Specialist Leader of Education (SLE), with more than 30 years-experience in using technology as a learning tool. In 2016 I took early retirement from mainstream teaching, to focus on the many projects I am so passionate about, including running robotics workshops for teachers and pupils using Nao humanoid robots; book publishing- supporting new authors to see their creativity realized in print. My first book as a publisher was, “The Outdooring, Dedication and Naming of An African Child…”, by Ernest H.C. Tetteh (my uncle) and “Year 4’s European Adventure”, by Oakington Manor Primary School. I also make and publish my own photo books and I absolutely love photography. If the truth be known this is actually my first love before Computing.

I worked for nearly 26 years at Oakington Manor Primary School, a large primary school in London, seventeen years of which I was seconded to work as an ICT Teacher Adviser for the London Borough of Brent’s School Improvement Service. I achieved Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) status followed by Specialist Leader of Education status which I still use to support schools in Computing through Woodfield Teaching School Alliance and am committed to raising achievement through the innovative use of ICT/Computing and e-learning.

I hold a B.Ed (Hons) from Middlesex University, UK and an MA in IT in Education from the Institute of Education (University of London), UK, specialising in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education.

Ophelia’s Timeline

  • 2016 – 2017: Worked as an Educational Consultant for the Ideas Bus, travelling around London teaching on the innovative ‘Big Yellow Bus’.
  • 2016 Started work with Kaneshi Primary and Boso Anglican Primary School, Ghana, following a visit. Also worked with I-Tree International School, Nigeria on building and maintaining their website
  • 2016 Took early retirement from teaching at Oakington Manor Primary School after nearly 26 years of teaching and coordinating ICT/Computing
  • 2015 – 2016: Principal course tutor in ICT/Computing for the Brent School’s Partnership (BSP)
  • In January 2014 to date: I achieved Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) status for Computing and have been working as trainer/Consultant for the Woodfield Teaching School Alliance. Since then I have run courses and supported schools with Computing.
  • 2014: First started working with Nao Humanoid robots
  • 2014: Worked with LJCC in developing the Holocaust Explained website as a resource on the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) website
  • 2012 NAACE Primary Impact Award Winner – for innovation and support of over 100 teachers and schools in UK and abroad for ICT and Computing
  • I am part of the Leading Leaders in Educational Computing.
  • Recognised as an ICT strategic leadership expert by the Becta, British Council and the Specialist Schools Trust
  • Developed and facilitated many local and national ICT based projects with schools in the UK and Internationally with schools from around the world, which includes: An Olympic project with 3 schools in the UK, the ‘Art in Nature Through the Eye of a Lens’ – Comenius European project with schools from Italy, Bulgaria and Germany, further projects with schools in India, Ghana, Japan, China, South Africa and Greece.
  • Developed policies for the future development of ICT taking account of national and international trends; also policies for international collaborations with schools around the world
  • 2010: Presented with the London Borough of Brent’s Long Service Award for 25 Years of Service.
  • 2009: Worked with Amazing Interactive and 3D-Hub in the development of Primary based 3D resources.
  • 2009 designed and oversaw the building of the state of the art Multimedia studio at Oakington Manor, the first of its kind for a primary school. The first primary school in the UK to use 3D technology to support teaching and learning
  • 2009: Left the Brent School Improvement Service after 17 years working on secondment as a Teacher Adviser for ICT.
  • 2008: A member of the Westminster Education Forum, having presented to an audience of academics, politicians and parliamentarians on the primary school starting age and the lessons learned from a period spent in Finland, forming part of the 2008 Education Review, headed by Sir Jim Rose
  • 2006 Pesented at ‘The Guardian UK’, which led to my long relationship with Teacher’s TV , being the focus of many of their features on ICT including their Finland series.
  • 2006 Achieved Advanced Skills Teacher Status
  • A member of the Becta Symposium on Learning Platforms
  • Wrote an original schematic for online based Citizenship and ESafety software ‘Us Online’ developed for the London Grid for Learning, in collaboration with Roar Education, Tasmania.
  • Significantly raised the profile of Oakington Manor in the Strategic Leadership of ICT
  • Presented at various exhibitions including BETT, Thameslea’s Fast Forward, various NAACE local and national events, Loughborough University and Acorn User Show in the early 1990’s
  • Excellent ability managing the ICT curriculum budgets, ensuring that monies spent is kept to budget in limited school financial resources.
  • My expert subject/specialist knowledge has given others confidence in my ability and as a result have been regularly asked by companies such Research Machines, 2Simple software, Sherston, Softease, Pearsons Knowledge Box and 3D Hub to evaluate their hardware, software and other new products.
  • 1997: Worked part-time as an Educational Consultant for PARAG Services, CITC, taking ICT and computing into township communities in Welkom Freestate, South Africa. This work spanned a seven year period.

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